Have a party with lots of hands-on fun!


Baking, Art or Science party package (2 hours). $650 for 10 children (extra child $65) includes:

  • Your child’s choice of activity (Baking, Art or Science), including materials
  • Play in our BASE Camp playground
  • Choice of party food and drink
  • A BASE Camp host
  • Private party room
  • Party invitations
  • Thank you notes
  • Free return play pass for your birthday child

Recommended for children turning 4 years old and above.

You are welcome to bring a nut-free birthday cake (no ice cream cakes and sparklers please). For hygiene reasons, we recommend bringing along a cupcake for the candles to be blown out on (rather than on the birthday cake).

Children’s Delicious Party Menu

Fruity waffle cones

A choice of 3 items:

  • Mini quiche Lorraine
  • Ham and cheese pinwheel pizzas
  • Penne bolognese
  • Homemade sausage rolls
  • Fairy bread
  • Ham and cheese wholemeal toasties

Cheese and crackers

Snake on a Lake

A choice of apple juice or lemonade. Water provided.

Catering for Adults

We can work with you to design a suitable menu for adults. Examples of our platters (for 6 to 8 people) are:

  • Savoury platter (assorted eg. frittata, quiche, spinach and ricotta boreks, homemade sausage rolls) $49
  • Wrap platter (assorted fillings eg. chicken and avocado, roasted vegetables, tandoori chicken) $49
  • Fresh muffin platter $45
  • Fresh fruit platter $45
  • Penne bolognese $60
  • Stir-fry chicken noodles $60

Vegetarian options available.

For Cafe Parties Only:

You may pre-order the following children’s platters (each platter is $30 and suitable for 6 children)

  • Mini quiche Lorraine
  • Ham and cheese pinwheel pizzas
  • Penne bolognese
  • Homemade sausage rolls
  • Fairy bread
  • Ham and cheese wholemeal toasties
  • Fresh fruit platter

Snake on a Lake (one serving $3.50)

Apple juice or lemonade (a jug suitable for 10-12 children $12).

Choose your favourite party:


Children will have heaps of fun as they whisk, sift and stir up their culinary delights with their friends in our specially designed kitchen, complete with two commercial ovens. Your birthday child can choose one item from any of our themes and get messy and creative in the kitchen amidst the delicious aromas.

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Children can let their imagination run free in our art studio as they explore the amazing world of colours and applications. They will be encouraged to form their own interpretation of a particular theme and express it by creating their own individual masterpiece.

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Children will revel in the fascinating and seemingly magical world of science in our science lab. As scientists, they are encouraged to form their own theories, and will have lots of fun testing these theories with their friends by conducting hands-on experiments, participating in interactive science demonstrations and forming their own conclusions. Get ready for a jam-packed party of intrigue!

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Play party package (1.5 hours) $550 for 10 children (extra child $55) includes fun party games, play in our BASE Camp playground, choice of party food and drink, a BASE Camp host, private party room, party invitations, thank you notes and a free return play pass for your birthday child.

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